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Arthur Hayes, Co-Founder of BitMEX & CIO of 
Maelstrom Fund-photo Arthur Hayes, Co-Founder of BitMEX & CIO of Maelstrom Fund

"Artificial Intelligence, a dominant force in the crypto and tech sectors, necessitate[s] decentralized storage. Relying on centralized solutions like Amazon means entrusting vast swathes of data to entities that can unilaterally alter terms, hike prices, or even shut down services. ”

“Filecoin’s value in the crypto space isn’t merely speculative... its tangible utility is evident, with real customers actively using the network and significant data being stored. “

Zee Prime Capital

“[The FVM] facilitates the explosion of smart contracts activity on top of FIL... following the FVM launch [the activity] has exploded.”

“The natural pairing [of storage and compute] can add additional commercial activity to flow through the Decentralised Storage Network while opening up new use cases. The launch of the FEVM makes many of these possible and will make the storage space much more interesting and competitive.”

Multicoin Capital

“Filecoin emerges as a meaningful ecosystem on par with Ethereum and Solana in terms of legitimacy.”

“I see Filecoin being a superset of Arweave with the FVM - it gives you infinitely more ways to parametrize; Filecoin is vastly more configurable than Arweave.”


“Filecoin has the potential to become the premier storage network in the modern internet era and with the FVM and supporting infrastructure like Medusa and Bacalhau, I can see a lot of scope for high-quality growth in the Filecoin ecosystem.”

Palm Digital

“The combination of Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM), Interplanetary Consensus (IPC), and compute has the potential to be a game changer in blockchain as it will empower Web3 Dapps with the programmability, computation and scalability needs to compete with Web2.”


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