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A Filecoin liquid staking platform launched its points program. You are eligible for points if you’re a Storage Provider (SP) that rented FIL from GLIF, or a Liquidity Provider (LP) that has held iFIL.


  • AMMs

    Automated Market Makers connect Filecoin with other ecosystems, enabling on-chain swaps, deeper liquidity, and more.

  • Bridges

    Cross-chain bridges facilitate bridging assets and interaction with the Filecoin Blockchain.

  • Liquid Staking

    FVM staking protocols increase capital access to storage providers while simultaneously enabling token yield. More details on staking options available on our How To Stake Filecoin Page.

  • Oracles

    Feeding external data to smart contracts, Oracles are critical blockchain infrastructure for the growth of DeFi applications.

  • CDPs

    Collateralized Debt Positions let users lock crypto assets as collateral, adding dimensions for decentralized applications to build on FVM.

  • Payments

    Filecoin's FVM enables binding DeFi payments to real-world primitives, with economic flows settling on-chain and supporting intuitive payment solutions.

  • Derivatives

    Decentralized derivatives (e.g. options, fixed income) are financial contracts that derive value from underlying assets while eliminating intermediaries like traditional financial institutions.

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